garden green w/choice of dressing                   green bean casserole

broccoli                                                                mixed greens                              

pasta                                                                     squash casserole

italian                                                                  broccoli casserole

strawberry spinach


ceasar                                                                   STARCH

tuna, chicken, shrimp, crab                                mashed potatoes(regular, garlic, loaded)

bacon ranch                                                         baked potatoes                              

fruit                                                                      rice


MEATS                                                                  lima beans

ham                                                                      peas

marinated chicken                                              dressing or stuffing

oven roasted chicken                                          grits (cheese, cheese &garlic)

bbq chicken or pork                                            pinto beans

oven roasted pork

*roast beef

*steak                                                                    SOUP

hamburger fried steak w/gravy                           fiesta chicken

chicken tenders                                                    chicken noodle or rice

meatloaf                                                                 vegetable regular or beef                            

*shrimp & grits                                                      potatoe

CASSEROLES                                                           broccoli & cheese

poppyseed chicken                                                 taco

chicken & broccoli                                                 chili beans

fiesta chicken


lazagna                                                                    HOT SANDWICHES

smoke sausage & penne pasta                              hamburgers /cheese

                                                                                 hot dogs / chili

mixed vegetables                                                    meatball

VEGATABLES                                                             sloppy joes

green beans                                                             grilled chicken

steamed broccoli                                                      tacos

steamed mixed vegetables                                      boneless pork chop


*asparagus                                                               DESSERT

*oven roasted vegetables                                         cookies  cobblers  

corn and green bean casserole                                cakes        bananna pudding

  * means additional cost                                                                                  brownies